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Lucha Underground discussion

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by Kizzle, Sep 15, 2016.

  1. Kizzle

    Kizzle NBA Starter

    Aug 6, 2012
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    Can't find any Lucha Underground talk and don't feel like searching for it in the WWE thread. Also feel it deserves its own thread because it plain and simple isn't WWE.

    I made this thread because of the Marty the Moth VS Killshot match i just saw from this week. That match was a anything goes "Weapons of Mass Destruction" match. And it was beautifully brutal but when Lucha Underground does brutal they do it right and tell a story. When you create a new match it has to be great or it'll come off cheesy in the end. Like that Dean Ambrose VS Jericho Asylum match that sucked monkey balls and could've been Dean's gimmick after he won the title. But the match was so boring and bad they probably won't ever do it again. I'm done with the Killshot match but I recommend it. The season is on demand on Time Warner and Direct TV.

    This is LU 3rd season and it's been VERY eventful. Definitly has greater momentum than the 2nd season's start.

    If you've liked the 3rd season so far drop a comment. I'm just geeking out right now that at least SOMEONE is doing wrestling right.
  2. blommen

    blommen Pissing Excellence

    May 3, 2009
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    Probably my favorite wrestling show outside of NJPW now that the CWC has concluded. I really liked the things they were hinting at last week with regards to Pumas storyline this season, looks like they are finally going to flesh out his personality a bit more explicitly and have undergo some character development.

    The Moth vs Killshot was great. It wasn't the best match they've put on this year, but it was still great, and I like how they aren't starting up quite as sluggishly as I felt they did in season 2.

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  3. Jack Brickman

    Jack Brickman Preview Team

    Aug 12, 2012
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    Charlotte, NC
    Watched that Killshot/Moth match last night and I agree it was fantastic. It called back to hardcore matches from ECW and the Attitude Era. You know...back when wrestling had balls. Kudos to both those guys for putting on a fucking show. I hope they both got a week off after that, because they earned it. Lucha Underground remains the best program in the business. Their booking is just phenomenal.
  4. BMAN

    BMAN Sixth Man

    Jul 31, 2009
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    Cleveland, OH
    Need to stay out of this thread until I'm caught up. Halfway through season 2. But agreed this show is fucking fantastic. Just totally out there which I love. Been showing some people the show. They also like it

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