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Forgotten Man — C.J. Miles

Updated: September 15, 2013
CJ Miles_ Feature

The summer of 2012 was a relatively quiet off-season for the Cavs as far as signing free agents.  However, they decided to sign C.J. Miles to a friendly 2 year contract which didn’t really draw much attention.  Although he struggled in the beginning of the year (I blame it on the headband he started the season with), he eventually proved to be the only reliable scoring option off the bench (he can probably credit that to wearing a shooting sleeve).

This team is in need of consistent shooters and C.J. can be one of them.  Scoring wise, he outperformed his career stats by scoring 11.2 ppg and shooting 38% from deep in the Q.  Miles averaged just 21 mpg last season, but somehow managed to lead the team in both 3 pointers made (126) and attempted (328).  What I love most about the guy is his short memory when he comes off the bench.  He could start 0/4, but he is going to shoot the next 3 pointer with full confidence.  That is the mentality that you need your bench players to have.

I know that everyone’s favorite Miles is former Cavalier, Darius Miles.  We just can’t hold him up to those standards.  Darius had a cool cornrows and created a cool post-scoring ritual with Quentin Richardson, but he has nothing on C.J.’s sweet three point stroke.

This past June the Cavs selected Sergey Karasev with the 19th pick in the first round of the draft.  I could not have been more pleased with the pick and I can’t wait to see how he plays.  I know young talent gets everyone excited, we can’t forget about C.J. Miles.  Karasev looks great, but he is going to have a hard time finding minutes at shooting guard with Waiters and Miles.  Plus, it will likely take him awhile to figure out how to defend the NBA.

They Cavs have made some great additions this off-season, but let’s not forget the guys like C.J. Miles.  Plus, he follows my shooting sleeve rules.

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