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Thread: Dion Waiters

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    Default Re: Dion Waiters

    I think Dion coming off the bench and handling the ball would be the best option. Even though he said he wants to start.

    I'd prefer to surround Love, James and Kyrie with a spot up shooter at the 2 to start. Ray would be perfect.

    Then Dion can come in off the bench, handle the ball and look for his own shot.

    Or even better yet... Dion just needs to improve his off the ball movement like Wade had to do in Miami.

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    Default Re: Dion Waiters

    Quote Originally Posted by D-Wreck View Post
    Wade is still A LOT better that Waiters, and that's not a knock on Dion. However, the initial reference to which Cosmo was responding was that "Waiters might have a higher ceiling than Wade." That would include Wade's peak.
    While I won't say Waiters is actually superior to Wade right now, I do think the two are closer than you may believe. I think a lot of Wade's stats, including his advanced stats, were actually inflated because of LeBron's presence. Wade took the least amount of field goal attempts in a season for his entire career yet found a way to set a career high in field goal percentage. One would figure with LeBron's presence on the floor, Wade would be able to locate more shot attempts, but his lack of explosiveness and decreased efffectiveness in creating his own shot made it tough for him to get open looks. I expect his shot attempts to go up this year and his shooting percentage to decline quite a bit without having LeBron on the floor with him to help create space and take attention away from him.

    In turn, I think LeBron's presence will elevate Dion's percentages. You may not see the scoring figure increase dramatically or at all, but I am willing to bet his efficiency rating and shooting percentages skyrocket. I don't think anyone should expect Dion to be prime Wade, but I do think he has a chance to be the better player in the upcoming season.

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