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Thread: Dion Waiters

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    Default Re: Dion Waiters

    The Spurs certainly had 4 star players this playoff run(Duncan, Manu, Parker, Kawhi)

    On a title competing team, a star is someone who can consistently and at any time create shots for himself, make clutch shots, create shots that were seemingly not there, create shots for others and make a general impact on the game at any given time. It's impact and effectiveness that matter more than stats. Its not the dip in Bosh and Wade's numbers these playoffs that indicated a bad situation in Miami going forward but rather their impact, effectiveness, and general cohesion with the gameplan.

    So while Dion and Love's numbers could both dip slightly, they both still can be true stars on a team with LeBron and Kyrie.

    Although I prefer a scenario where we get Love without surrendering Wiggins, one of the reasons I ultimately can accept giving up Wiggins for Love, is how much I love Dions game on a team with so many other players receiving the defensive attention.

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    Default Re: Dion Waiters

    Dion more than anything is lacking discipline in his game. It's not hard to think he could get that kind of structure in his game under the leadership of LeBron and Blatt.

    He surely was never going to get that under Mike Brown, despite that, he still had a much better year.
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    Default Re: Dion Waiters

    39% .515 49% 7% 5.7
    26% .456 43% 6% 3.4
    21% .486 44% 6% 2.9
    13% .413 50% 8% 1.6
    35% .458 46% 7% 4.5
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