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    Default The Great White Whale bashes Cleveland?

    Can Hustle Get Harangody Back To NBA?
    January 10, 2013 · 7:49PM


    RENO, Nev. — There are Swiss watches that aren’t as reliable as Luke Harangody. No need to wind him up. He rebounds, he hustles, he gets to the foul line.

    Harangody played back to back games at the NBA D-League Showcase, averaging 22.5 points and 14 rebounds. Tick, tick, tick.

    All the things that made him a former Big East Player of the Year are still there every time he steps onto the court. So, too, are the questions. At 6-foot-7, he can tear up the D-League. But can he take the step back up to a permanent place in the NBA?

    A second-round pick in the 2010 draft by the Celtics, Harangody was traded to the Cavaliers where he appeared in 42 games over two seasons. He averaged 4.5 points and 3.5 rebounds in 15 minutes a game. But he was cut in November, underwent arthroscopic surgery on his right knee and recently was traded from the Canton Charge to Ft. Wayne.

    “It wasn’t really a negative considering what’s happening in Cleveland and with the organization,”
    Harangody said. “It’s good to be in Ft. Wayne with a good group of guys. I’ve only been with them about a week, and I’m still learning about how other guys play and they’re still learning about me. It’s been an easy transition for me.”

    He plays the game in the manner that made him familiar and successful at Notre Dame, with a nose for the ball, ability to clean the glass and a willingness to mix it up on the inside. It was that style that enabled Harangody to average 19 points and 12 rebounds in 19 D-League games last season, almost getting Canton to the finals.

    But it would seem in order to find a place in the NBA, Harangody is going to have to develop a more consistent mid-range game or 3-point shot and that’s still not there. He’s 5-for-15 from behind the arc in his first five games with the Mad Ants. And with his lack of size, he has trouble making defensive stops in the lane.

    “I’m working on my outside shot, but that’s really no different than the work I do on the rest of my game,” Harangody said. “I think coaches always know what they’re gonna get from my game. I have to be more consistent at times. What I do out there is what they see — hustle, energy, getting on the glass. Just getting there and mixing it up for the team, doing the dirty work.”

    It’s consistent. It’s tough. It can be devastatingly effective in the D-League. But will it be enough to ever carve out a place in the NBA?
    What's that supposed to mean? "With what's happening in Cleveland and with the organization"? Does it sound like Harangody's glad he's out of Cleveland to anyone else? I'm not upset or anything. I'm just trying to dissect the thoughts of a former Cavalier to possibly give myself a better insight as to how he was viewing Cleveland.

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    Default Re: The Great White Whale bashes Cleveland?

    I think Luke was just making a reference about the team rebuilding and having one of the wrost records in the league. Possibly alluding to the point that rebuilding takes years.

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    Default Re: The Great White Whale bashes Cleveland?

    He wasn't hating....

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    Default Re: The Great White Whale bashes Cleveland?

    Yeah I'll still let him walk down my street without tellin the goons to get him.

    He still cool

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    Default Re: The Great White Whale bashes Cleveland?

    “It wasn’t really a negative considering what’s happening in Cleveland and with the organization,”

    "It wasn't really a negative" = He got cut from a team in which he was not afforded any playing time, thus, increasing his chances to showcase his talent.

    "Considering what's happening in Cleveland and with the Organization " = He realizes that alot of change is happening within the organization and that probably only Kyrie Irving is protected on that roster. Anything can happen at any point, and he was proof of the matter.

    He is a college education man, I hope he can use some reasoning to see that he was not a part of the long term goal, and this was just a stepping stone in him preserving his NBA Career.

    Keep working hard luke, you can be the next Scalabrine.

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    Default Re: The Great White Whale bashes Cleveland?

    Nah I don't think he was bashing Cleveland at all. Luke's cool in my book.
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    Default Re: The Great White Whale bashes Cleveland?

    Is there a better opportunity for Luke around the league than catching on with a team that features multiple NBADL players?

    I guess we'll see...

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