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    Default Re: Game 51 - Nuggets @ Cavaliers - Saturday, February 9th, 2013 - 7:30 PM EST - NBAT

    Quote Originally Posted by hud11 View Post
    denver's a great regular season team, no question, the depth is unparalleled. just cant see them making much noise in the playoffs, who's their go to guy? i like their team a lot, but its not championship caliber, a guy like gasol would be great for them....obviously that is not going to happen now.
    With George Karl, they are going ot make some noise. They have home court in the first round at this point, and they are playing very good basketball.
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    Default Re: Game 51 - Nuggets @ Cavaliers - Saturday, February 9th, 2013 - 7:30 PM EST - NBAT

    Quote Originally Posted by BimboColesHair View Post
    Have you ever been an athlete while you were in college? I was, and let me tell you, it is a lot harder to get into the weight room and get to the cafeteria than you are making it out to be, and I played NAIA baseball, not division 1 basketball. Between long ass practices, community service, and constant team meetings, I was always making up missed homework or copying notes, having study groups with my teammates, or meeting up with my professors on what I missed. Then with the little time I had left, I ate, worked out, and slept. The only time I got to workout consistently was when we were out of school, and at that time your school's athletic weight room is closed for the summer, so you have to do it yourself. To be honest, when I heard Zeller had added 40-50 lbs in college, this surprised me, especially considering basketball is a sport where you constantly are losing weight. The fact is this is the 1st time ever this kid has gotten to focus on basketball and only that, same goes for Dion and Kevin Jones, and they have yet to reach the off season of that 1st season, where they will workout more than they ever have in their life.
    This is why I get frustrated with all the Z hate. I didn't know Jack regarding Koufus going into this game, 5 seasons after playing at tOSU he is the starting C for a very good Nuggets team. Who would have thunk it? Still KK is 7'0" and 265lb. Z Rex is 7'0" and only 250lb as of now. You would have to think Zeller can add big time strebgth and weight over the next few off seasons in a "Professional" training program.
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