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    Default Re: Elon Musk Vs. John Broder of NYTimes

    Quote Originally Posted by Jiglet View Post
    I'm not following you. When I say niche industry, I mean a small and specific target audience that purchases an item. I would think that the people you listed as exception would be the OPPOSITE of the current clientele for an electric car.

    Are you suggesting that they should be the target of future electric vehicle developments or are we misunderstanding each other?
    I'm saying they could be the niche market for gasoline or diesel.
    OU... OH YEAH!!!!

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    Default Re: Elon Musk Vs. John Broder of NYTimes

    Quote Originally Posted by The Voice View Post
    You could also install solar panels on the roof of the vehicle, but I don't think it would be worth it. Solar energy is probably still too far away.
    It's not, but it is...if that makes sense. Has nothing to do with the technology and everything to do with the Politics. Even though the technology is there, politics have stunted many, many growth opportunities.

    Just a for instance: Bosch lost between $1-$2B in their own internal solar division...and their solar division has been relevant for roughly 3 years. You stunt the end product growth, you also curb technological breakthroughs in production products (furnaces, tracking devices, batteries, thin-film, diamond cutters, to name a few).

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    Default Re: Elon Musk Vs. John Broder of NYTimes

    None of this fucking matters until we're not burning dirty ass coal for electricity. Ill take gas until then thanks.

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