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Windhorst Recap On WKNR 10/30/2013

Updated: October 30, 2013

-No real surprises last night, the Heat look really good and don’t underestimate them. 14 out of the 15 guys are in contract years and you play differently in a contract year. This is the best shape Chalmers, Bosh and Wade have been in in the last 3 years. There is no hint of a championship hangover, you will beat them if they aren’t healthy or if a team is better than them.

-Windy thinks that 40 wins is about right for the Cavs and that should be enough to get into the playoffs in the East. He is hearing and feeling that Bynum could play tonight. He can’t rule it out but he doesn’t know why they would want to do that since he hasn’t had a full practice. An hour before the game you have to turn in the active/inactive but he wouldn’t be surprised if he plays.

-If Bynum can give them anything this year, the number 40 goes up. He is predicting 40 wins without anything from Andrew Bynum. He looks at the Cavs and sees the Golden State Warriors from a year ago. A year ago the Warriors had a couple of really good young players and a budding young star in Steph Curry. He suspects that Kyrie Irving will take a huge leap this year, especially in terms of leadership and acting like a star, something he didn’t do last year. He expects Dion to be better and Tristan Thompson to be a double double guy. The Cavs will need 13-14 more wins than last year, you will get some free wins due to how bad the Sixers and Celtics being so bad. Mike Brown adds 5 wins and Kyrie taking the next step will add a few more wins. He thinks they get in the back end of the playoffs and will be an exciting team to watch.

-Kyrie’s talent is unquestioned, he is probably the best dribbler in the league. He is one of the best shooting PGs in the league, his talent is amazing. He needs to make better effort on defense and say something in the huddle at the end of games. The immature actions at the end of the year have sunk in to Kyrie and lets hope he can show it.

-Brooklyn is a very big team, Brook Lopez is 290 lbs and an absolute monster to deal with on the offensive end. KG is the tallest starting 4 in the league, they have two of the biggest guards in the league (Deron and JJ) and their bench is deep. They have all the ingredients to give a team like the Heat problems.

-Chicago is going to grind, they have had the #1 seed in 2 of the last 3 years. They are going to churn out wins and he thinks they will win 60 some games. They don’t really bother the Heat that much when it comes to the playoffs, LeBron has owned those guys (even in Cleveland) and the Bulls probably won’t give them a lot of problems.

-Indiana is a fun team to watch with a lot of good personalities. Roy Hibbert is a very likeable guy, Paul George is one of the best young players in the game. He can’t shoot but he is a great defensive player. He is another guy who made the leap from year 2 to 3. He is the face of the franchise, they have some good veterans on the bench along with Danny Granger as a trade piece. They defend and rebound, Frank Vogel has a very good personality too.

-The Rockets looked very good in the preseason, they are going to try to start Asik next to Howard. Jeremy Lin is going to come off the bench with Patrick Beverly now starting. He is a good spark plug and they have a chance to trade Asik too. He thinks they could be the 2 seed in the West. He thinks the Cavs should call about Asik and he thinks the Cavs are a team that has a good chance of making a trade this year. He is a big, solid player with a reasonable contract.

-He thinks the best odds for LBJ are Heat or Cavs. Right now the Heat are one and Cavs two, there is no #3. The darkhorse could be the Clippers in some sort of sign and trade involving Blake Griffin because Doc Rivers and Chris Paul are two of LBJ’s closest allies in the league. For LBJ to come to the Cavs, the Heat have to not win it all this year, if they win the championship they are all staying. The Cavs also have to get another All Star caliber player on the roster, they didn’t have enough assets for Harden and he doesn’t see an All Star player right now that is available.

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